Blogging About Sydney Parks

With so many beautiful parks in and around Sydney, blogging about Sydney Parks is fun and easy. Growing up my families favourite picnic spots were Lane Cove National Park, Cabarita Park and Putney Park.

At Lane Cove National Park, we would hire out boats or canoes, which was so much fun. I can remember one cold winter’s day a family friend fell in the river while trying to get into the boat. Another time I was walking over the weir while eating a chocolate and slipped into the water. Mum laughed because the main thing I was worried about was getting the chocolate wet.

When I was seventeen, I had a stupid idea to take the cat, Mitsy to Cabarita Park. Driving along Mitsy noticed Jeff’s window was down a few inches, and he decided this was a good chance to escape at 60kms an hour. Luckily, I was able to pull Mitsy back in the car, but Jeff’s shoulder was badly scratched in the process.

Sydney ParksWhen we arrived at the park, we decided to take Mitsy for a walk on the lead, he backed out of the collar and ran off.  We had to chase him, and he climbed into the front mudguard of someone’s car. We had all sorts of trouble getting him out, and once we got hold of him, we bundled him back into the car and sped for home. Jeff reckons to the day he died, he never forgave him for the trip in the car.

Another time we organised to go to Cabarita Park with family, my girls were only young at the time. When we got there my parents had already arrived, Jeff looked at mum’s car and said why has your mum got a cockatiel perched on the steering wheel.

We were told the wild birds were pecking it and giving it a hard time, so mum picked it up and put it in the car for safety. There was a happy ending to this story. We took the bird back to our place and put it in a cage and not long after we found the owners, and the bird was reunited with it’s family.

Sydney ParksParks in the City of Sydney

There are some magnificent parks in the city of Sydney.  On Sydney Harbour there is First Fleet Park, which sits between the Museum of Contemporary Art and Cirucular Quay. An ideal location to enjoy the sights of Sydney Harbour and watch the ferries and jetcats. Dawes Point Park has magnificent views over the harbour and is on the northern side of the rocks under the Harbour Bridge. On the eastern side of the Quay is The Royal Botanic Garden and The Domain.

Hyde Park which is Sydney’s oldest park is located on the eastern side of the CBD and is divided by Park Street. Here, you will find the Archibald Fountain and the Anzac War Memorial. At Darling Harbour, is the Chinese Garden of Friendship. These gardens have a serene feel and an ideal place to go and relax.

Advantages of Blogging about Sydney Parks

There are many parks and gardens in and around Sydney, there are national parks, parks on the harbour, on rivers, in the suburbs, beaches and in rural settings. The advantage of blogging about Sydney Parks is it gives me a reason to get out and about and enjoy our amazing parks. With so many parks, the list seems endless and will keep me blogging for years.

Sydney Bus Tours

Tours to Go have some great bus tours in and around Sydney. Which include Sydney sights and attractions, plus more – Sydney Bus Tours.

Do you have a favourite park, or a funny park story you would like to share? Please leave a comment below.

Today’s group writing project is about the word blogging. Please have a look at the other topics that incorporate the word blogging.

Kerry – Parks in Sydney.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. There are so many beautiful parks in Sydney, why wouldn’t you want to blog about them!
    Well done for blogging about Sydney parks :)
    Jan Littlehales recently posted..Food BloggingMy Profile (dofollow)

  2. Gosh I nearly fell off the chair reading about your cat and taking it for a drive/walk in the park!

    My Grandma used to take her cat everywhere with her! She would place it into a black bag,zip it up and off she went. The cat would have a space to pop her head out, and to be able to breathe. This cat went on train rides, bus rides, ferry rides and even used to stay at our house when I was younger. Grandma would bring the cat for a few days, and then take it home in the black bag on the train!! It was so loyal and so loving to my Gran.

    Lisa Wood recently posted..How Can I Blog And TravelMy Profile (dofollow)

  3. Thanks Jan, we are very lucky to have so many beautiful parks in Sydney.Which gives us heaps of places to go for a picnic, walk or just take in the scenery and relax.

  4. Hi Lisa

    Your Grandma had an incredible cat, cats don’t like to be taken out of their environment and don’t travel well. This is really a facinating story, that cat was one in a million.

  5. Hi
    I loved reading about your trips to Sydney Parks and it has put a smile on my face. I don’t know Sydney at all well so your information about parks is really useful for me. Thank you.
    Jenny Locke recently posted..Make money bloggingMy Profile (dofollow)

  6. Hi Kerry,
    The advantage of you blogging about Sydney Parks is any visitor to your site can easily decide which park to go to for their particular need.
    Rita Pepper recently posted..What is BloggingMy Profile (dofollow)

  7. Hi Kerry,
    There are so many Parks in Sydney where you can take your family for a day out I love your Cat and Bird Stories, over the years you certainly have visited a few parks.
    Rita Pepper recently posted..What is BloggingMy Profile (dofollow)

  8. Sydney certainly has some beautiful parks. We loved strolling through the gardens when we last visited, and you would never know that the bustling city was only a couple of hundred metres away.
    Jackie Stenhouse recently posted..Can You Really Make Money Out Of Blogging?My Profile (dofollow)

  9. Hi Jenny

    Thanks for your comment, I hope my site will be useful to you when you next visit Sydney.

  10. Hi Jackie,
    I understand what you mean, the gardens are so peaceful and beautiful it is hard to believe, they are located in the city.

  11. I recently went to Sydney for the first time, I didnt get very long there but I did get to see overall how beautiful it was. It is not where I plan to go early next year to see more of it! Ill have to make time for some parks in there.
    Tegan recently posted..Yellow Prom DressesMy Profile (dofollow)

  12. Setting aside land for parks is one of the classiest moves a city can make. A city offers the benefits of commerce, culture, jobs and human contacts, but without links to the natural world, a city loses an equally important benefit for its inhabitants. Parks in valuable city real estate markets are periodically challenged. They are worth defending.
    Corky Swanson recently posted..Are You a Drummer?My Profile (dofollow)


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