Parks in Orange

There are some beautiful parks in Orange. Orange, Australia’s colour city is located on the western side of the Great Dividing Range, in the NSW Central Tablelands and is approximately 250km west of Sydney.

Orange was originally known as Blackman’s Swamp. In 1846 Sir (Major) Thomas Mitchell, Surveyor-General of NSW named the town in honour of his friend Willem, Prince of Orange who later became the King of Holland.

Australia’s famous poet Andrew Barton ‘Banjo’ Paterson was born on the 17 February 1864. On a property near Orange, and is the man who wrote ‘Waltzing Matilda’.

Mount Canobolas

Mount Canobolas is only minutes away from Orange and is an extinct volcano which stands 1,395m above sea level and is the highest point between Sydney and Perth. During winter the peak of Mount Canobolas is frequently covered in snow and as you would imagine the 360 degree views from the summit are absolutely amazing.

Lake Canobolas is a man-made lake and is a beautiful area to enjoy a picnic with family and friends. There is canoeing, sail boating, swimming and fishing on the lake, the picnic area offers barbeque facilities.

There is also the Federal Falls picnic and camping area which is located on Towac Way and there are a number of beautiful bush walks in the area. If you want something a bit more comfortable there are the Canobolas Mountain Cabins which are modern, self-contained pole cabins for hire. This would be an astounding place to have a holiday, relax in the great outdoors and view the bird and animal life. You need to remember in winter this area will be extremely cold and need to bring plenty of warm clothing.

Robertson Park Orange

Robertson Park is one of the parks in Orange, located in the centre of Orange and was named in 1887 after Sir John Robertson. The park sits on the original Blackman’s Swamp creek, which was the towns first water supply.

The park is impressive with its exotic and native trees and a romantic setting for a park wedding. The park has the Sir Neville Howse Memorial, Boer War Memorial, Bandstand, Whitney fountain, Cenotaph and more.

An interesting part of history is the German field gun that is now located at Cook Park, was souvenired by AIF troops during World War I and was positioned at Robertson Park before being relocated in the 1940′s.

The Orange Botanic Gardens

The Orange Botanic Gardens was officially opened in 1988 for the Australian Bicentenary. The gardens sit on 17 hectares of stunning gardens that include exotic and native plants. There is the country walk that starts and finishes at the Clover Hill Centre (named after the original homestead).

The walk takes you through the many different gardens which include the Sensory Garden ideal for anyone with impaired sight or mobility. There is the Winter Garden which of course is magnificent in winter, Low Shrub Garden, Conifer Garden, Eucalypt Woodland and much more.

The walk takes you to the billabong and island and there is a boardwalk to cross. There is an orchard and Orange is an important fruit growing region. Going by the name you would think it was an orange growing region but in fact the crops are apples.

The gardens are an ideal place to go for a picnic, relax and take in the amazing scenery. There is the Orange Adventure Playground which will keep the children amused, barbeque facilities, toilets and dogs are permitted on a lead, which makes for a happy canine.

Cook Park Orange

Cook Park was officially named in 1882 and was named after Captain James Cook. This is another amazingly beautiful park in Orange, with so much to see and do.

There is the Frank Mulholland Memorial Garden, the Avenue of Elm Trees, Fernery, German Field Gun, an Aviary and so much more. There is also a bandstand, the town decided in 1907 to build bandstands at both Cook and Robertson Parks. This park looks like another ideal spot for a park wedding which can be booked through council.

Located in the Bastick Cottage is a group of people who have handcrafted and fresh baked goods for sale. There are picnic tables, toilets and for dog lovers, dogs are allowed on leads.

Parks in Orange

There are many beautiful parks in Orange, to enjoy a picnic with family and friends, celebrate birthdays and arrange family reunions. Parks are also popular for weddings ceremonies, when organising a park wedding it is important to book in advance through council.

Here is a Venture West Tour (4 days) that departs from Sydney and takes in the Blue Mountains, Abercrombie Caves, Sampling wine in the Mudgee region, the beautiful parks in Orange and more.

Here is the Google Map for Parks in Orange scroll north on the map for the Orange Botanic Gardens.

Today’s group writing project is about the word orange. Please have a look at the other topics that incorporate the word orange.

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  1. One of the best things about living in Australia is all the parks that our towns have. After reading about all the parks in Orange I would love to visit them.

  2. I was also looking at parks in Orange. when doing research, in the past i have only driven through Orange , next time I am going to stay a few days and really explore the area

  3. Orange sounds like a great place and was amused that they grow apples and not oranges. Was interested in how it was originally called Blackman’s Swamp too.

  4. Wow, I wasn’t aware that there are so many Parks in Orange. But I agree with Leo – would be interesting to know how a place first is Blackman’s Swamp and than called “Orange”. Did the orange trees grow that well in the swamp land maybe?

  5. We use to stop at Orange every year to pick the apples and cherries. While there we visited many different parks in Orange and Lake Canobolas was definitely my favourite.

  6. I have always wanted to live in Orange. Not sure why or what its all about – but the town Orange has attracted me since I can remember. Cant wait to stop in and show our boys the parks in orange. Did you know that they dont even grow the fruit “Oranges” in the town of Orange as its too cold for the fruit to grow!

    You sure make the town and parks sound so nice! Looking forward to one day visiting there and seeing it all.


  7. I have found it very interesting reading all about the parks in oranges. I have never been, but definitely have it on my list of places to visit.

    I was fascinated to read about the extinct volcano, and that it is the highest point between Sydney and Perth.

  8. Isn’t that interesting, to learn all about the wonderful parks in Orange. I never would have know about all these. And you’ve included so much detail. Thank you for going to all this effort.

  9. Thanks for this post. Spring is springing, and Orange is so very beautiful this time of year, although there are those who prefer the spectacular autumn show it provides. I’m feeling a tad nostalgic for the Central West of NSW at the moment – like Jacki I delight in the memory of bringing boxes of cherries home to bottle – mmm-mmmmmm!

  10. Hi Tania

    Yes there are so many beautiful parks to visit in Australia and I can’t wait to visit Orange.

  11. Hi Rita

    There is so much to explore in Orange, I would love to go and stay in the log cabins at Mount Canobolas.

  12. Hi Leo

    Apparently Orange is too cold an area to grow Oranges. It looks like Blackman’s Swamp may have been named after James Blackman who was a farmer and explorer. He played a leading part in opening up the Orange district.

  13. Hi Renee

    There are some amazing parks in Orange. Orange is a well known fruit growing region, but it is to cold to grow oranges. Left a reply with Leo’s comment about Blackman’s Swamp, if you would like to take a look.

  14. Hi Jackie

    That would have been fun picking apples and cherries, also Orange produces peaches, apricots and plums. I totally understand how Lake Canobolas would be your favourite, what a beautiful area and so cold in winter.

  15. Hi Lisa

    Orange is such a beautiful town and an ideal destination to put on your list. Your boys will love it and with so much to see and do it will be hard to know where to begin.

  16. Hi Lina

    Thank you for choosing the word Orange, I really enjoyed doing my post on Parks in Orange. What an interesting place, there is so much to write about and it was hard to know when to stop.

  17. Hi Jo

    Orange would be absolutely stunning in Spring and I can understand how Autumn would also be a favourite. The bottled cherries sound yum, and would be so nice to have a bowl of cherries with ice cream.

  18. Hi Hilary

    Orange would be the perfect holiday destination to put on your list. The log cabins at Mount Canobolas sound great for a bit of peace and quiet.

  19. I had not even heard of Orange before this post! Isnt it great that there are so many places like this out there for us to discover. Mount Canoblas sounds like an interesting spot to visit too!
    Tegan recently posted..Clubbing dressesMy Profile (dofollow)

  20. Hi Tegan

    There are so many great places to visit in Australia and Orange is one of those places to put on your list. My mother remembers taking me to Mount Canobolas 50 years ago, when I was two.


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